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Course Details

Defensive Driving

Intermediate 6 Weeks

Defensive driving is an important aspect of safe and responsible driving. By being aware of potential hazards and anticipating the actions of other drivers, a defensive driver is better prepared to avoid accidents and minimize the risks of driving. Defensive driving techniques are especially important in today’s fast-paced and unpredictable driving environment, where distractions and aggressive driving are common.

One of the key principles of defensive driving is maintaining a safe following distance. By keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front, a driver has more time to react to sudden stops or maneuvers, reducing the risk of rear-end collisions. Another important principle is scanning the road ahead for potential hazards, such as pedestrians, other vehicles, or road debris. By being aware of these hazards, a driver can anticipate potential dangers and take steps to avoid them.


05 Hours


12 Hours


40 Mins+ 01 Hour


Course Completion


Benefit of Driving

Defensive driving simply means to drive without having a preventable accident. Stay alert, leave enough space.

  • 60 Mins Driving Lesson
  • Additional Time Available
  • Adaptive cruise control down to a stop
  • Internum et malasada fames ac
  • 7 Hour Pre-Licensing Course

Additional Driving Services

Other defensive driving techniques include using turn signals and hand signals to communicate with other drivers, avoiding distractions such as cell phones or eating while driving, adjusting driving to the weather and road conditions.

Pre-Licensing Course


I have been lucky to have him as my instructor and thankful to him for transforming.

Professional Driving


I have passed exam in first attempt and truly enjoyed entire experience of learning.

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